Posted by: novemberfilm | March 24, 2009

What We Did

The shoot on Saturday went well and I like what we did with the lighting. What setups we finally used are a bit different from our original plans, so I thought I’d offer a discussion and description of these to compare them. Our first setup was the when Elsa returns to her dorm after swimming.This is the image we got:

Elsa Returns After Swimming

The first image shows our setup. You can compare it to our original plan in the second diagram.


Elsa Returns from Swimming

For this scene, we stuck fairly close to the original set up. Because we did not have a 300 watt light, we used softbox on a 650 with a dimmer and an orange gel. She turns this light on when she enters like it was a lamp. We used an existing lamp in the room that had a flourescent bulb with a greenish cast as the bathroom light that illuminates the closet, rather than a scoop or a 150.

The other setup that we planned was when Elsa comes back to her dorm after arguing with her roommate. This is the image we got.

Elsa Returns from Party

This is the set up we used. Compare this to the original plan in the second image.

Elsa Returns Final

Hotel Room - Elsa

We ended up scrapping the planned set up because we did not want to break up the emotional flow of the scene. The scene is the emotional climax of the movie and so we wanted to free our actor to run through the entire scene and really invest herself in the moment. So we decided to light the entire scene and follow the actor with the camera handheld. We found that it did not make sense for the walls to be blue and so abandoned the 300 fresnel pointed to the ceiling. We kept the faint key, but used a softbox on a 650 with a dimmer rather than a 150 with a frost. To light the beds in the second part of the room, we used some of the spill from the and then had a 150 with a blue gel for moon from the window to become a key when she sits on the bed.


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