The Crew

blogphoto1Paul Hinson
Writer, Director
Junior, Communication

Paul Hinson started making films in machinima in high school and got involved with the Association of Movie Productions (the filmmaking student organization at Virginia Tech). This provided opportunities to experience the movie production process, and helped him develop his own skill behind the camera. He has shot a range of short fictional and documentary work as well as promotional video for the marketing department of University Unions and Student Activities at Virginia Tech. Paul is excited to take on the creative challenge of directing “November” and bringing the story to life with emotional honesty and careful attention to detail. He plans to continue making films and learning about the art of cinema.


henderson1Tyler Henderson
Producer, Gaffer
Senior, Communication and Theatre Arts
Tyler Henderson has always been intrigued on the film making process. Starting from the first line of a script to the post production edits, and everything in between. He recently completed an internship with Lionsgate films in Los Angeles this past summer which has given him an insight in the film industry. Tyler is thrilled to take on “November.” He has worked with Paul Hinson in the past producing “1st Impressions,” which took first place in Virginia Tech’s 4-Minute film festival. He plans on moving out to Los Angeles after graduation to give the entertainment industry a shot.





Jesse Ferrell
Assistant Director
Senior, Communication (Film Studies)
As a graduating senior and Communication major at Virginia Tech, Jesse thrives on film production and photography. She enthusiastically spends her days and nights directing, editing, and screenwriting documentary and fiction films. Her aspirations include graduating Virginia Tech with dual majors in Communication and Art History and ultimately owning a reputable film production company, Valour Productions, Inc. on the East Coast. Jesse hopes to utilize her skills and expertise to create dynamic lighting designs as well as serve as a loyal confidant to the cast and crew.



Xiaoyi Zhong
Line Producer, Makeup Artist
Senior, Graphic Design







Adrienne RushAdrienne Rush
Associate Producer, Camera Operator
Sophomore, English (Pre-Ed and Creative Writing)

Adrienne has always had a passion for film, but only recently started getting involved with the filmmaking process through the Association of Movie Productions (the student-run filmmaking organization at Virginia Tech). She is excited to work on her second short film, November, and for the opportunity to gain more hands-on experience behind the camera. Adrienne plans to continue learning about film with a Minor in Film Studies and hopes to continue gaining experience with the filmmaking process, especially the screenwriting aspect.





Allison Postlethwait
Production Designer
Sophomore, Communication

Allison began working on films in her video production classes in high school. She also attended an introduction summer program at the New York Film Academy, where she gained hands-on experience in a professional film environment. Upon coming to Virginia Tech she became involved in the Association of Movie Productions. It helped her meet other filmmakers on campus and get involved with various film projects. She is excited to work on and add her own creativity to the short film “November”  while continuing to learn about the movie production process.



AlexBlogPhotoAlex Tallant
Location Scouting
Sophomore, Biochemistry

Alex has been active in film-making since high school and has recently become involved with the Association of Movie Productions. He has worked with Paul Hinson in the past and hopes to provide the story with a setting that is believable, artistic, and refined.


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