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Progress Update

Friday is our last day of shooting and we have four brief scenes to cover. Here are a few stills from what we’ve been shooting over the last couple weeks.

Elsa on the Bus Elsa rides the bus back to her dorm after an argument with her roommate.

We shot this on a bus in Roanoke.  For lighting, we used an $8 battery powered flourescent light just out of frame.  We did not have any room or power sources for other lights.

Zach at the Toga PartyOne of the first scenes in the film – Zach at a toga party. We used a 150 with a red gel (actually a transparent red page cover) for the back light. We used two background lights, coming from the left was a scoop with an orange gel. A 150 Lowell Pro light with a purple light was our background light on the right.  We wanted to give the party a very cliche college-movie feel to reflect Zach’s expectations and impressions of the party.

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Where the Story Came From on Vimeo

The director talks about developing and writing the script. Shot and edited by interviewer Pat Burt.

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Stills and Setups

In the past three weeks we’ve knocked out 13 of 17 pages in the script. I just Elsa and Aislynn in Carwanted to show off some stills of what we’ve been shooting and talk briefly about the lighting setups.

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Behind the Scenes 4/4

We now only have 4 pages left on the script after knocking out four scenes on Saturday. We finished right on schedule at 3 a.m. after about 14 hours of shooting.

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Behind the Scenes 4/1

Wednesday’s shoot was great and we got finished an hour early. A heavy fog rolled in just as we were setting up and hung around for the entire shoot giving us a beautiful background to light. After a slow start it feels like we’ve finally found a good pace.

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Location Scouting

Paul, Tyler, and Alex (the location scouting guy) try to find a good place to shoot an outdoor night scene.

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Another Video!

Here’s the next installation of the “Making of November” shorts. This one follows Paul and Tyler in their search for the perfect equipment plus a couple of washers.

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Posted by: novemberfilm | March 24, 2009

What We Did

The shoot on Saturday went well and I like what we did with the lighting. What setups we finally used are a bit different from our original plans, so I thought I’d offer a discussion and description of these to compare them. Read More…

Posted by: novemberfilm | March 20, 2009

Lighting Plans for Hotel Scenes

Our next shoot is tomorrow. We will be shooting the scene in a hotel room which in the script is supposed to be temporary overflow housing for the university that the girlfriend Elsa goes to.

Read more to see our plans for lighting the scene complete with diagrams. Read More…

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Prepping for the Beginning of Shooting

Tomorrow is the first day of nine shooting days. To prep for shooting I like to review the basics and what I’ve learned from previous films. It helps to refresh this in my mind to keep me focused when the chaos of the shoot begins. I thought I’d share what I’m looking at from my previous film, Redemption. I wrote this for myself, it’s basic, but always good reminders.

– Paul Hinson Director

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